CM Data Ltd
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Quality Control

Quality Control is our priority!

We work in accordance with, and adhere to the standards of the Market Research Society (professional body of the market research industry) and ISO 20252 (the quality control guidelines for market research data).

Working within these guidelines and standards ensure that we are conducting our analysis and services to the highest standard.  All our processes are fully traceable and transparent from start to finish on every project.

Data Entry Verification

if you require data entry on your project, 10% of all data entered will be verified at no extra charge to you.  This ensures that the entry operators are also working to the highest standard.  Higher percentage levels of verification are also available upon request with additional charges applicable.

The process of data entry verification is straight forward.  Two entry operators key in the same data and if differences are found, an audible alarm will sound.  Only when the correct data is checked and entered is the operator permitted to move on to the next question.

HomeServicesQuality ControlUseful LinksContact UsCompany Information